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**We offer two types of servers currently, IRC and 123FlashChat. We have plans to add a Murmer server also that allows voice chat through the Mumble chat client.
Our chat service is member supported. We hope you will consider donating.
  IRC Servers List:

Ports: 6697-6699

Ports: 6697-6699

Java Chat

IRC Manual

Linking information soon to come. We are expanding our network and will take applications for server administrators who wish to run a server on our network. It helps if we get to know you first so it's good if you connect and use our network regularly before applying to link a server.

If you do not have mIRC on your computer or another chat client, you can use the web based chat called Mibbit.
Mibbit Web Page Chat

Connect via mIRC or Mibbit

Don't have mIRC? Download it here!
Welcome to the Chosen Web Host IRC Network
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The scope of our work is to keep IRC alive for those who have an interest as well as help new comers learn this area of online interaction. We are continuing to build web pages that will help people to learn and get involved.

Some of the advantages of IRC is that you can create your own channel (chat room) and add IRC Operators (moderators) to it. There are several levels of IRC Operators that have control over certain aspects of your channel

Channel IRC Operator Levels

HOP: Half Operator Adding a HOP is limited to the founder (unless SECUREOPS is off). If SECUREOPS is off those with AOP or higher can add a HOP.

AOP: Auto Operator Adding an AOP is limited to the founder (unless SECUREOPS is off). If SECUREOPS is off a SOP or the founder of a channel can add an AOP.

SOP: Super Operator
Adding a SOP is limited to the founder.

QOP: Auto-Owner Users who match an access entry on the QOP list receive the following privileges: ASSIGN, AUTOOWNER, FOUNDER, INFO, MODE, OWNER, OWNERME, PROTECT, SET, SIGNKICK
Our Chat network has been reconfigured. We are working on rebuilding this site with more information. We will be adding more to the IRC Manual as well so that the full set of commands on our network are present on the web. If you use an IRC client you can get IRC commands while in the IRC environment as well.

If you do not have chat software installed on your computer you can Use Mibbit.

If you prefer to install your own chat software, you can connect to our servers using mIRC (for windows), X-Chat (works on windows and linux) or other chat clients. Just do a search for "windows irc client."

There are opportunities for people who understand IRC at the server level to become involved. We can set up and link more servers for those who qualify to become a server administrator. We will post details as time allows.

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123 FlashChat from Chosen Web Host
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*You may login with your Facebook account.

This is the leading flash chat software. It offers a user friendly interface and easy to navigate.

We have created several chat rooms that offer various themes. If you enjoy Praise & Worship music, our Praise&Worship Room plays music 24/7 for you to enjoy. We are also working on other rooms for various genres of music.

Our rooms also allow you to video chat as well as play online games.

Android and iPhone users can easily access our chat rooms as well and enjoy the interaction this chat site provides.

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